All Time Great Cricketers

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Throughout the history of cricket, there have been those that were special, who were slightly different to their fellow cricketers and made the crowd sit up whenever they arrived on the pitch.

Of course, every game has its heroes and cricket is no exception. And every nation has its cricketing legends that they believe were better than those of other teams. This article will introduce you to 9 of the world’s great cricketers from past and present.

Imran Kahn was a great Pakistani cricketer who played at the highest level for over twenty years from his debut in 1971. He

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What to Expect in the New Cricket Season

The new cricket season is around the corner and both the teams and the fans are ready for it. There are various concepts to review and comprehend regarding the new season

The Toss

Captain of the visiting team has the option of cancelling the toss and opting to bowl first. If the away team has to incorporate the traditional captain’s argot, they have to toss the coin to decide. The goal of the new system is having counties give spinners more chances as the cricket game proceeds. The new system also seeks to have medium pacers having fewer rewards.

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Current State of Cricket

About us and the current state of cricket

The modern sporting environment has had different changes in policies and one of the games that have been affected is cricket. It is imperative to go through the current state of cricket to understand whether the changes have changed the state of the game.

Positive state

The state of the cricket game initially was admirable and this saw many players succeeding and gaining international respect. This has seen many former cricket players and companies come up to endorse different players which has seen the players getting better training equipment.


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