What to Expect in the New Cricket Season

The new cricket season is around the corner and both the teams and the fans are ready for it. There are various concepts to review and comprehend regarding the new season

The Toss

Captain of the visiting team has the option of cancelling the toss and opting to bowl first. If the away team has to incorporate the traditional captain’s argot, they have to toss the coin to decide. The goal of the new system is having counties give spinners more chances as the cricket game proceeds. The new system also seeks to have medium pacers having fewer rewards.

Third Time Luck

One team is aiming to set a record as the first team in many decades to win three county championships in a row. Since the arrival of their new coach, The team has lost less than five of the total number of matches they have played in a period of four years. The record set by Yorkshire is impressive and might see them breaking the record.

Eve of a New Era

The second division contest will be different from the normal or rather previous contests. The difference is a difficult stride for the teams and they will have to work extra hard because this time only one time will receive a promotion. In the first division, two teams will be relegated and eight teams will have to battle it out for the championship victory.

Women’s KIA Super League

A new twenty competition will begin as the male season begins and this will comprise of six women teams. The first round of the games will ran for a period of two weeks. The top four teams will qualify for the finals that will be played three weeks after the cricket season begins.