Current State of Cricket

About us and the current state of cricket

The modern sporting environment has had different changes in policies and one of the games that have been affected is cricket. It is imperative to go through the current state of cricket to understand whether the changes have changed the state of the game.

Positive state

The state of the cricket game initially was admirable and this saw many players succeeding and gaining international respect. This has seen many former cricket players and companies come up to endorse different players which has seen the players getting better training equipment.

Negative State

Despite the fact that cricket has received multiple endorsements, it is imperative to note that the various teams in the national leagues have not showed enthusiasm in improving. Many leagues generate small amounts of income in terms of tickets and viewing population as compared to other games. The lack of funds from the leagues means the players receive low payments and thus do not perform effectively.

General State

Reviewing the state of cricket in general can one identifying that it is in bad shape despite endorsements made by professionals and organizations. Without the required motivation and financial boost required, the game is bound to continue depreciating with regard to viewership and interested.